What’s Trending @EnvyByMG

What’s Trending @EnvyByMG

What’s Trending @EnvyByMG

First I would like to tell you a couple of things you may or may not know regarding Envy. We are now selling amazing Sam Edelman shoes as well as a select few Betsey Johnson kicks! Thus far everyone is loving the shoe selection, it really puts the icing on the cake when you can pair a perfect shoe with your clothing choices!

Secondly, we had an amazing turnout for the after party on July 11, following the season #7 opener of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey! Melissa Gorga was her usual gracious and engaging self, greeting and taking photos with every single visitor in attendance! If you missed it, not to worry, we will have several events before the end of the year.

We will let you know via this weekly info letter and through social media. You may also visit us on our online boutique at envybymg.com.  Fall selections are beginning to arrive and I must say- they are fabulous and have excellent price points! We are also carrying some very beautiful Joseph Ribkoff for curvier customers!

Truly we try to provide something for everyone even in a small space. Being that I’ve been on a “love yourself” kick for the last month, I’ve taken some of the material that will follow, from a fantastic article by Isabel Marant and her “Fashion Philosophy”.  

Based on the assumption that we want to dress with no effort yet look chic and stylish here are a few thoughts: You need really make fashion your own. Fashion in so many words is NOT IMPORTANT, but wearing what you love is what counts…

Xoxox- Team Envy

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I notice you took my comment out in all honesty.I. believe a lot of people would agree with me .I think the store Is beautiful and so are the clothes,but nothing for full figure women,not everyone is super skinny,you can have a nice full figure and dress with the same clothes .just a size bigger.if you want to expand your business.you need to take constructive criticism.I noticed you take the comments down. I would think you would want ideas so you would attract all types of cultures and people.Honestly melissa I guess you see one type of person skinny,didn’t think you were that type of person.Its sad a nice email to me would have been nice,to even say hey working on it or suggestions would be considered.may you have a blessed day.

Carolyn casella

Love your clothes & shoes!!! The shoes would be for me if they ran in wide width.

judy pawlak

On your sizing is there any way that your let us know that your s = to a size ? , M = to a size ? etc. I have purchased s, m, l, xl clothing in the past and depending on the designer the fit it totally different. One Asian designer their XL was = to a size 4. Love your taste in clothing. Would love to own that shawl collar coat among many other sold out items. Hopefully you are not just catering to the skinny girl. Plus size women can wear many of yours items and as I always say Larger girls have just as much money to spend too. Good Luck with the store Pat Leibowitz

Patricia Leibowitz

Hi, I just wanted to say Congratulation on your store and being a business woman. Very overpowering! :) It’s great! I also wanted to say I love your store everything is so fashionable and beautiful, I was looking thru the website, I have question, would you post stuff that would be on sale/clearance online site? The reason I’m asking because I live in Florida and I visit NY/NJ once a year to visit family, I just love Envy and what you have created, so I thought of asking besides the high prices that it shows. Thank you

Annie Milan

What is the name of the coat that siggy bought at your fashion show, it showed on one of the episodes

Thank you


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