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Greetings Readers,

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to check out what’s going on at Envy and in fashion! We'd like to send out a great big thank you to Red Hot Paris, Ashley and Courtney, for the video on fashion trends.  You can check them out at RedHotParis via Instagram, they are a lot of fun and they really give meaning to the word “fashionista.”

Today and Tuesday we are going to discuss further the huge changes in fashion taking place this upcoming season.  As you read these new drastically different clothing trends, think about your own personal style and what makes sense for your lifestyle and think about trying something new, fun, and daring as a “mood” alternative.

So as it goes, Romance is still in the fashion picture, it just gets a little darker! This is where mixing new with old becomes so exciting and opens up so many more choices in your wardrobe. Disestablishment and Rebellion are keywords Lisa Armstrong- fashion director for the telegraph-UK, uses to describe the mood!  This is what we will be seeing on the runway for fashion week later this month.

We'd like to start with florals and colorful floral patterns.  If you haven’t already started to see it, you will and it will be everywhere.  Mens wear you will see a lot this season, complete with neckwear, femme bow ties, and plunging necklines.  There will be plenty of pinstripes and numerous tweed.  Tweed everything, needless to say, it’s not Granny’s tweed either.  Menswear for the ladies is done so nicely based on what this winter has witnessed.  The shoes loafers also worn with the suiting have an incredible feminine vibe off seen with an abundance of lace!

Lace, Lace, Lace. Anything and everything with lace will be the trend! Athleisure is here and in a big way and we believe it is here to stay. You will see athleisure wear dressed up. Hemmed joggers in opulent fabrics with a high heel and tailored jacket. This is the year of detail, everything from military jackets to blazers and denim will be embellished and for adorned.  

The last thing we'll talk about prior to this Labor Day weekend is the decorative blouse. According to the fashionistas at Harpers Bazaar decorative blouses in jewel tones will replace the ever classic white button down.  The blazer or jacket will be only secondary to the blouse. The blouse will be shown with ruffles, florals, scarf ties, lace inserts and metallic yokes.

On that note, we will leave you to mull over the trends and think about editing your closet when you come back from the last weekend of summer, technically speaking. We always dread the end of summer, but if it makes it better, we try to think of the heat leaving us for a while.  It’s been a hot summer but hopefully a great one. Next week we will finish trends, have a fantastic weekend everyone!


Xoxox- Team Envy


  • Posted by charlene hammond on

    HEY Melissa .i love u and i love your style on show. im a 41yr old mom. hairdresser. and i live for fashion. i have to say Im really surprised at the stuff u have on line.and disappointed. i thought it would be much more of what u wear on the show or reflect your style much more then it does. please dont take this the wrong way. im just giving u some feed back. im a size 6 not tiny.but i was looking forward to buying some stuff. and every thing I liked was sold out except the envy tshirt, only its not blinged out. but Ill bling it out my self. i love to add crystals to my clothes, boots ,shoes whatever. and your tee shirt would pop bit if it had some sparkle.
    with that said i also want to say 279$ for a shirt is way out of my price range. i know you have great life and most could only dream of having that. but being able to buy a great shirt that reflects a 279$ price tag i think is were most of the woman that watch U and love u are at in terms price range. I think u could reach more people and bigger sales if u did a little less high end mixed in with u r high end cause u have great style

  • Posted by charlene hammond on

    sorry this is the rest of my post.I sent it by mistake. so i style is great. but not as affordable to most girls u r age. and the store on line seams much older then u wear. im my option.again this is just a point of view. no shade cause i live for watching u guys and love u and u family. and very happy things are great for u now.and wish u the best.

  • Posted by Maria Perrino Winans on

    Do you carry the cape that was on the first model down the runway? I don’t see it on your website.

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